Servicing and Repairs for PA systems and Pro Audio kitGot a system that's playing up? Customers complaining of ear ache? We can help!

If your bands touring rig has done many miles, and has had many beers spilt on it, then maybe it's time to get all those jerry-rigged fixes and bodges that have been done over the years sorted out once and for all...

If you have a sound system in your club, pub or venue and you don't have a resident engineer to maintain it, then perhaps it's time for a service and tune up?

A properly setup rig can make it less problematic for you in future. For example if limiters or crossover settings have been incorrectly altered by a guest performer, or an amplifier has become clogged with dust, then it is likely that one day something expensive will go pop!

The most common problem we see is gain structures set incorrectly causing distortion, feedback, excessive component wear and greatly increased chance of sudden component failure - all of which can be a real headache for you, your performers and your customers...

Blown Driver
It pays to make sure your rigs limiters are working to prevent this kind of damage to your drivers

We provide a consulatancy service during which we can make recommendations to improve the performance and reliability of your equipment, and set gain structures and equalization to get the best sound out of your system during use, and prevent premature component failures to minimize the total cost of ownership for your business.

This consultancy service we offer is about a tenth of the cost of repairing or replacing broken components on your sound system!

Before ServiceAfter Service This C-Audio power amplifier in the picture is typical of the condition we find, fortunately for the owner of this one it was serviced and cleaned at minimal cost before any expensive damage had occured to it or the connected speakers.


Maybe something has already gone pop, and you need it fixed - if so then we can help you find out what caused the issue and obtain the required spare parts and fit them at your premises or we can arrange to have the item(s) repaired by the manufacturers factory - it's your choice!

We will always try to provide a way of temporarily getting your rig working well enough so that it doesn't affect your business while you are waiting for the repairs to be completed.

We don't charge a call out fee, and we don't charge by the hour - the total price will be agreed before any repairs are carried out, and payment is only required up front if parts need to be ordered.

If there's no fix, then there's no fee.

Please contact us with your requirements.