Take the Recording Studio to the Gig! Crystal clear 24-bit recordings on the Alesis HD24

As well as studio recording sessions, we also offer on-site recording of live events, including rock bands, DJ’s and broadcasts. Using the latest digital technology, our experienced engineers can record artists work in crystal clear, commercial quality.

Alesis HD24 Multitrack Digital Audio Recorder

There are numerous advantages that the HD24 has over the tape-based ADATs. Primarily, the use of hard disks as storage medium rather than tape, is an affordable solution for recording entire live events.

MOTU LogoAlternatively, we can use professional MOTU firewire audio interfaces to record ultra high resolution 96Khz 24-bit audio directly to a computer using this ledgendary interface, no mixer is required as MOTU have thier own neutral preamps.

This interface is also great for outputting audio from a computer into a mixing console, or even directly into a sound system without a mixer. It is available for hire alongside our DJ setups, it's perfect for playing a set with the Native Instuments Traktor platform.

Motu Ultralight Mk1 Firewire Audio Interface

Up to 24 channel multitrack recording on Alesis HD24
Inlcudes recording engineer and FTP file transfer (click here for dry hire)
Stereo recording of DJ event, gapless up to 10 hours
Inlcudes recording engineer and FTP file transfer (click here for dry hire)

Basic mixdown of up to 80 mins multitrack recording to CD Audio or MP3
Includes digital production and professional mastering


Advanced editing, overdubbing, post production etc

from £50
File Transfer of up to 10GB of raw audio multitrack data to you via FTP
Turnaround time is up to 7 days
File Transfer of raw audio multitrack data to your own USB drive
By appointment at our studio after the event
Fabrication of up to 4.7GB of raw audio multitrack data DVD per disc
Turnaround time is up to 14 days
Engineer(s) (travel expenses not included)
Recording session in practice room, church or other space with no installed
from £40
10 Audio CD’s £10
10 Audio CD’s printed with your artwork on direct disc surface £20
10 CD/DVD Jewel cases £5
1 box-set booklet style case for up to 5 discs £2
Online media publication to your Soundcloud or similar
All we want in return is a link to our site
Hosting of your streamable content on our servers TBC

Please note all prices are for guide purposes only, please contact us to discuss your project, as we are always willing to be flexible. Contact Us today to discuss your project with an engineer.