Specs: Turbosound, MC2 Audio, XTA Electronics, Klark Teknik, Soundcraft, Midas, Mackie, Beyma, Opus PA Systems

Sound System Specifications

You can see here in detail exactly what our PA systems are made of, including loudspeaker cabinet configurations, amplifier power and signal processing setup options.

For those of you who are interested, you will find detailed tech specs and schematics of our high end PA systems.

The main thing that we love about our systems, is that the audio signal paths are purely analog from source through to driver, using only the highest quality components and connections,

The digitally controlled MC² Audio amplifiers, Klark Technic crossovers and XTA graphic equalizers all have unbeatable signal to noise ratios and make for a versatile and stunningly clear sound.

The different rig setup options...

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Van Damme Cables and Neutrik NL4 Speakon plugs and more live sound equipment for hire in Devon

Live Sound Equipment Hire

As well as all the main components you need to fill your music event with sound, we also have everything needed to rig your stage for complex multi-band setups.

We use the highest quality components for our hire packages, from Van Damme, Neutrik, BSS Audio and Mackie to name a few.

We also have items for unattended usage on a "dry-hire" basis, anything, from a microphone to full spec mixing console can be rented from us.

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Reinforcing Your Sound