Complete Sound Systems for Event HireFor a sound system tailored to your needs

PA Speaker HireYou can see here in detail exactly what our sound systems are made of, including loudspeaker cabinet configurations, amplifier power and signal processing setup options. For those of you who are interested, you will find detailed tech specs and schematics of our high end systems.

Turbosound 8 Kilowatt Sound System8kW of MC2 amplification into TSE and TMS cabinets

Turbosound 8K Front of House cabinets plus 4 way analog amplification

This rig is suitable for club nights, rock bands, outdoor concerts or marquee events.

Full digitally-controlled analog amplification for balanced and clean sound.

With engineers to deliver and operate the rig.

Turbosound 12 Kilowatt Sound System12kW of MC2 amplification into TSE and TMS cabinets

Turbosound 12K Front of House cabinet single side

This system expands on the 8K rig by adding an extra 2 channels of amplification for the subs, throwing a total of 8K just on the sub-bass.

More power is also distributed to the mids and tops to maintain a well balanced, clean sound.

Opus 5 Kilowatt Sound System5kW of amplification into Opus and Celestion cabinets

Baby Opus 5kW Speaker Cabinets and Amp Rack

Ideal for small clubs, pubs and bars.

Suitable for any genre or purpose.

OpusMany configurations using modular trapezoidal cabinets

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